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This was written a looooooong time ago, for kinked. (Which is dead now I guess.) I never posted it, because 1) original fiction LOL, and 2) it's unfinished. Though 2) is sort of academic since even if I'd gotten to where I originally planned to end the piece (with the narrator looking up and noticing the pretty lights on the ceiling), there still wouldn't have been any point or plot. This was just supposed to be a writing exercise, and I could easily have finished it before deadline, only I guess I was reluctant to because I (unexpectedly) really liked the characters and I wanted to give them a real plot. ^^; But I never did, and so here we are today.

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Thus ended my (brief) foray into origfic.



A million years ago I asked whether anyone would be willing to beta-read a certain Twelve Kingdoms WIP (if I ever managed to finish it). Since then I 've realized that beta-reading runs counter to my fanfic-writing M.O.[1].


[1] shoddy editing and instant gratification XD


So basically I finally saw PotC2 and: eh. It wasn't that good. Some of the jokes try too hard. For instance there are a few scenes where Jack goes into his "but if you say that I say that you said that I said" routine even though what's just been said was not that complicated. As far as I can tell the only reason he does this is that it was funny in the first movie -_-;;.

Really this is a sign that I shouldn't watch non-serious movies with my family ahaha. It always puts me in hypercritical mode. My brother and I agree that the action scenes are wonderful, as funny as King Kong's! Or actually, funnier, because you're supposed to laugh at how over-the-top ridiculous they are. My mother and I agree that there's not enough Jack (only his scenes are worth watching). My father and I agree that wherever this movie is set, it is definitely not the Caribbean.

Spoiler, highlight to read: If Jack was using a magic compass that pointed the way toward whatever he desired, does this mean that his success as a pirate was mostly due to the compass? Because it pointed the way to nice, easy ships with big, fat cargoes? I mean, Jack is extremely lucky and a somewhat inventive, and good at talking his way out of things. But other than that and okay, some personal charisma, he doesn't seem like much of a captain to me.

On the other hand now I have ideas for PotC fanfiction. =_= WHY.

(Sailing back from the far ends of the earth, our heroes are attacked by pirates! In the South China Sea, no one has heard of the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow or his infamous black-sailed ship. The attack is unexpected but the result seems forgone: against the Pearl's superior guns and armor, the Chinese junk, held together practically by luck, seems on the verge of surrender despite having had the advantage of surprise. However, in confusion of battle Jack is kidnapped and held at sword point.

The south sea pirates are looking for ransom. They attempt to bargain, first in Cantonese, then Portugese, then Vietnamese French. Unfortunately only Norrington, tied up on the main deck, speaks coherent French (Elizabeth didn't pay enough attention to her tutors). Due to a misunderstanding -- namely, the new pirates wrongfully assume that the Pearl's crew is willing to pay to get Jack back -- negotiations break down and the Pearl flees into the fog.

Jack turns to his erstwhile captors, who in their amazement have forgotten to keep the sword pointed at his throat. "Ooga Booga?" he ventures.

"What you think we are?" the other captain replies. "We are no savages. Not like some people, don't pay one tiny chest of gold for precious captain."

And then later there'd be exchanges like:

ELIZABETH: You were willing to sail halfway across the world for Jack, but now that you're here you won't part with one chest of gold to rescue him?
GIBB: Well, see, your ladyship, it's like this. Sailing across the world only meant riskin' our lives. But giving up our treasure, that's something else entirely.
ELIZABETH: *snort* Pirates.
GIBBS: Aye, we are at that.

And then I imagine the rest would have been about how Jack amuses his captors with endless randomosity and nearly successful escape attempts XD)

...bloody hell.

Title: Ransom
Series: Pirates of the Caribbean
Note: If I had the self-control of a fruitbat, I would not be posting this right now.


...that's more than enough of that. This was supposed to be a parody! It wasn't supposed to go into the details! I haven't even gotten to the part in the summary yet!

But just in case, does anyone know a good Cantonese phrase for "those who stay behind, are left behind"?


*gives up on Hurricane Katrina condolence post* See, this is why it's bad to design a hospital system that operates at peak capacity under normal conditions. I think only three people on my flist are really affected, but geeze, my heart goes out to you.

So. That twelve characters meme? I'm not going to do it, partially because I'd rather do the "pair-up-the-characters-in-your-icons-meme" but mostly because my answers won't be nearly as funny as svz_insanity's. Dude, this is the fourth time Fuji's walked in on two other characters having wildly improbable sex!

How would you feel if Seven/Eight [Fuji/Draco] was canon?

svz_insanity: Cry. Like, a lot. And then laugh, because Draco's going to be Fuji's bitch.
sub_divided: *falls out of chair* (XDXD, Candy by petronia)

"One [Tezuka] and Nine [Hermione Granger] are in a happy relationship until Nine [Hermione] suddenly runs off with Four [Sasuke]. One [Tezuka], broken-hearted, has a hot one-night stand with Eleven [L] and a brief unhappy affair with Twelve [Misa], then follows the wise advice of Five [Ryoma] and finds true love with Three [Akira]." What title would you give this fic? Name three people on your friends list who might read it. Name one person who should write it.

svz_insanity: don't you guys dare try!
sub_divided: *g*

So here is the version I left for her in comments. And below is the first half of the expanded version. Because IT REALLY DOES MAKE PERFECT SENSE.*** To be finished, ummm, probably never, which is a shame because I was really looking forward to the Tezuka/Ryoma scene.

...okay, maybe I'll finish by September 6th. Maybe.

This is a story of LOVE and SELF-DISCOVERY and THE PURITY OF LOVE BETWEEN TWO MEN, which is much more pure than the love between a man and woman because they can understand each other and stuff.Collapse )

...I just realized I forgot to assign everyone houses. XD That's the most important part! I only know Tezuka and Shindou (Tezuka's cheerfully oblivious roomate) and Hermione are Griffindor, although Hermione is actually fan!Hermione and therefore more properly a Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Feel free to suggest anyone else.

*** This is probably because the only Harry Potter fics I *ever* read are crossovers or crack pairings or both. So fics like this one (only much better written) are what I think of when I think of Harry Potter. Sad but true.
My overall impression is AUGH DEAD FROM LACK OF ENDING. The Twelve Kingdoms spends half its time developing a storyline that’s never fully explained, and what’s worse is it was clearly all planned out and if only the production company hadn’t run out of money...! The credits say “adapted” but of course this is from a series of fantasy novels I’ll never read. AUGH.

The Twelve Kingdoms--Junni Kokki--is a Romance of the Three Kingdoms version of El Hazard, sort of. The setting is the real star, but the characters are pretty cool too. And it is REALLY well done. I've got the commercial DVD rip, so I listen in English (the English voice acting is surprisingly good). I also keep the subtitles on, so that I can compare the literal and interpreted translations and maybe triangulate myself back to the original from there. Umm but this may only be me.

The series starts off slow and confusing and with annoying major characters. But you shouldn't be discouraged, because they get a lot more likable. One of the major themes of this show is "becoming a better person."

ALSO, love the foreshadowing. It wasn’t treated like an ominous narrative device at all, more like a regular part of the story that didn’t make sense at first but later did.

ALSO, for many many episodes character development is the plot. *thrills*

WIP, The Twelve Kingdoms (part 1 of 2)Collapse )

The second half should be up by the end of the week. I meant to finish yesterday, but I realized I was defeated at about 2am when all of my sentences were coming out only four words long.

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