The third link is from worldserpent, the first is from I Forget. The second came up in a google search. In order: funny comments from users responding to the LJ "news" post, babelfish translation of the more straightforward Russian news post (warning: link is full of xenophobia and bad soviet jokes), roundup of responses by the Advisory Board.

Also via Charmian, a link to a totally new offense: http://stewardess.insanejournal.com/228035.html
Wherein LJ edits the "Top Interests" page to remove "sex," "porn," "fanfiction," and "fandom." I don't know about you guys, but I've never felt more loved! :D :D :D ...:(
EDIT: 'faeries' and 'bisexuality' also removed, along with terms like "hardcore" and "bondage."
EDIT2: Aaaand they're back. I gotta say, LJ staff is unlucky when this stuff breaks over the weekend, when the crisis management staff are away from their desks.

Warning: links point to recent manga chapters. The chapter number is in the URL after the series title if you want to avoid spoilers.

Aizen Explains it All. XD The evil plan makes a surprising amount of sense! And I'm surprisingly excited for the result:
spoilersCollapse )
Hunter x Hunter is doing some interesting things with the passage of time which would be incredibly cool if they weren't so incredibly FRUSTRATING. XD; They'll be cool in the volume release, I guess.

Waiting for a certain package from amazon. emblem knows what I'm talking about.

Hunter x Hunter - Existential Wall Fic

This fic is one of a pair written for chain_of_fics. Before I go on, a quick comm update:

1. I finished tagging all the entries! By author and genre and series and rating and pairing type!
2. To celebrate, I made pie graphs!
3. And completely changed the namescheme on the tags!
4. And also, the community layout and sidebar! -- in other words I went a little nuts. But you can't tell me this page isn't beautiful.

This fanfic is a little weird. I totally blame jaebi_lit for providing an such an existentialist prompt. Written without looking back -- but I had to do Killua/Gon, even if it turned out to be bad Killua/Gon, because it would just be WRONG to only write Kurapika/Leorio (although the K/L is bad too, I think. Ah, well, at least it's something. Blame it on the block and kill me the next time I decide to post fever dreams).

Title: The Wall (Killua/Gon version)
Rated: PG-13 for violent undertones
Wordcount: 664
Notes: Loosely based on this symbolic personality test. Which you should read if you want this to make any sense (although it probably won't anyway, ummmmm sorry).
Also: One of a pair with this Kurapika/Leorio fic.

The WallCollapse )

END (Interpretation: THE WALL = DEATH. See here.)

Hunter x Hunter Musical

Back from Fermilab, feeling disjointed. Putting off cleaning my apartment, which I so totally have to do before company shows up tomorrow. M would freak out otherwise. (I’m not that bad! she says, but she has “perfectionist” in her AIM handle.)

It's the Art Fair! The city's been completely taken over. Art Fair is Ann Arbor inside-out: the town closes off all the streets, and the shops all open shop outside. "Artists" -- in quotes because it is mostly decorative art and jewerly, not so much gallery-bait -- come from all over the country to set up stalls. Friday and Saturday are the last two days.

Speaking of the Art Fair, I found out Tuesday night that my summer parking permit doesn’t cover it. “You are expected to remove your vehicle by 7:00am Wednesday, and not to return it until 10:00pm Saturday,” the notice in my mailbox said. -_- I wonder how much the tourists are paying my landlord. (Well, what would you do on such short notice? I drove my car out to the Ypsilanti supermarket parking lot and left it there.)

Hunter x Hunter Second Musical - The Nightmare of Zaoldyeck (Part 1 of 2) (edit: taken down)

From the HK DVDs. The quality is high, so I can only host one half at a time -- the second half will be up, first half down, a week from this Saturday. Download, download! It’s an elaboration of the episodes where Gon “rescues” Killua from his abusive assassin family.

Yes, and stick with it past the terrible opening number. Afterwards is much funnier. Very fanservice-y.

While on the subject of Hunter x Hunter downloads, on the singles collection CD there’s a duet between Mito and Hisoka and I would dearly like to know what they’re saying.

HxH Singles Collection (duet is “Yurete Kandagawa“ (sp?)) (edit: taken down)

Mito is Gon’s adoptive mother and Hisoka is the psychotic pedophile clown out for his ass. What could they possibly have to sing about? Really.

XD this was a good week for hxh downloads. Temporarily join hunterxhunter for a few more – first musical, other soundtracks. Or join permanently, maybe? It’s a cute low-traffic community. We’ll see whether this changes when (if?) the anime comes out in the States.

Collection of Unrelated Topics VII

1. Killua/Gon pairing manifesto at ship_manifesto. It’s a lot like reading a summary of the series XDXDXD totally Togashi’s fault for basing so much of Hunter x Hunter on their relationship. Good choice of manga scans in that post; HxH is the furthest thing from subtle but those particular scans are so incredibly blatant, they do everything but show the killer with his hand still on the knife, which is protruding from his victim’s back. They certainly include him standing over the bloody body and his confession afterward.

(factorielle has a much better grasp on Gon’s character than me. Ahaha but I think I finally understand now? I need to write something for 30_kisses soon, it’s been four months and I’m not kicked out yet only because the community mods have better things to do.)

2. Naruto: reccing Way of the Appartment Manager by Elizabeth Culmer. It's alternate timeline (which I consider worse, much worse, than AU); main character is an OC who gets to be Naruto's substitute Mommy. And it's awesome. The cool thing about this fic is how well it fleshes out the Naruto world -- village dynamics, jutsu mechanics, stuff like that. There's not a whole lot of HOW COULD YOU NEGLECT THIS POOR ORPHAN BOY YOU MEANIES, and what there is, is tolerable.

Rec is via this post of V's. I also reccommend Family -- it's another story that sounds bad in summary but which has excellent writing and well-reasoned implications. These two aren't quite canon; that's what makes them great.

3. HanaKimi manga: gorgeous characters with the best expressions. But if I hadn’t had the whole series to read at once I probably would have died of frustration. Cut ICollapse )

3. Prince of Tennis manga: makes it soooo much harder to fangirl Ryoma. Cut IICollapse )

4.Half-blood Prince: let’s play flist connection! Assume spoilers, of course, although they are very vague. Cut IIICollapse )

KilluaGon 04 (Ten Things)

The "guess my 15 favorite characters" meme: in anime and manga I always prefer the main characters, except for Gon and Ichigo. In those cases I like the secondary main characters. The end!

...In all seriousness, I'm much too predictable for this meme. Mangaka everywhere have my number and can always rely on me to like the characters I'm supposed to like, dislike the characters I'm supposed to dislike, and ship the characters I'm supposed to ship. None of this "going against the crowd" or "having an original opinion" nonsense.

Rec: Envy/Ed drabble by jaebi_lit for chain_of_fics (so most of you will have seen it already, HA). Spoilers for up to 51, AU, MAD LOVE.


More fiction from the backlog. Warning: incredible amounts of FLUFF and RANDOMNESS ahead.

Title: Ten Things
Series: Hunter x Hunter
Pairing: Killua and Gon, in a totally Gen way.
30_kisses theme: 10 (#10)
Summary: Descisions descisions descisions, aka WAFF.

Longer than it ought to be.Collapse )

Did I mention that this was random? I'll probably want to edit tommorrow.

KilluaGon #3 (dash)

The New York Public Library’s photo archive is now online: http://digitalgallery.nypl.org/nypldigital/index.cfm If you need me look down—I’ll be the puddle of goopy happiness on the floor.

This just in! You can run USB memory sticks through the laundry with no ill effects. Here is the TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD VERY BAD FANFIC that miraculously wasn’t erased. (Maybe I hate it because it was written at work in the space between phone calls and do you have any idea how maddening that is? Or maybe I hate because it really is that bad, I can’t tell. But I am rushing out the door to catch the 5:56 train and I do not care anymore.)

Title: Running Away
Pairing: KilluaGon
30_kisses theme: #9 dash
Disclaimer: Hunter x Hunter is the intellectual property of someone else.
Warnings: Crack that takes itself much too seriously. More-than-borderline meta, where by meta I mean shameless fangirl self-insertion. Cultural insensitivity and probable incoherency, bad pacing.

Have at it!Collapse )

I’ll be back online (and hopefully feeling less hopeless) on Monday.

KilluaGon #2 (Good Night)

Series: Hunter x Hunter
Pairing: Killua/Gon
Theme: #24 (Good Night)
Notes: You read from left to right.

I seriously doubt any of you want to see my bad HunterxHunter fanart.

But guess what? XDCollapse )

So far I really like these themes. No matter what I do there's a theme I can match it to! (Justification after the fact wot?)

KilluaGon #1 (My Hero!)

Around 11:30am today I looked up from answering email, noticed it was 11:30am, and thought damn. When's the last time I went to that GEOSCI lecture anyway?

On the fic front: oh, look. More gen. *headdesk* I have to get into the habit of mindlessly churning these things out. And thank you for correcting me, Certain Persons!

Title: My Hero!
Series: Hunter x Hunter
Pairing: I was supposed to be writing KilluaGon?
Genre: Action/Adventure! What's the hxh equilivent of a casefic? Jobfic? Huntfic? o_O
Rating: G. *cries*
30_kisses Theme: 13 (Excessive Chain)

I'm working my way up to shonen ai, I swear to God.Collapse )

Stupid Pointless Fluff

Hunter x Hunter, Gon & KilluaCollapse )

Ah ha ha I suck. I feel as if I need to excuse this one. Here goes:

1) Written for the "late" challenge at temps_mort. I've never done timed writing before, so that would explain the abrupt randomness of the ending. Unfortunately(?), I didn't make the time limit - not by a long shot - so I won't be submitting this. It was all written in 75 minutes, but I couldn't type it up without editing and that took two hours at least. Ah, well, maybe next time.

2) I want to read Hunter x Hunter fic not starring Kurapica, Leorio, or Kurapica and Leorio. That's why I wrote this! I've got a terrible character bias towards Killua and it shows. Is decent fic with him and Gon in it too much to ask? They're only the main characters of the manga. I suppose the reason there's not a lot of fic for them is that they're twelve and therefore difficult to slash, but that never stopped fans of Naruto or CCS. Grrr!

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