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Now We Are Living

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13 January
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Current status, ala Facebook: Delicious salad for dinner. Give me your tired, your poor, and make sure they eat enough vegetables.

Journal policy: Anonymous (non LJ user) comments are now screened. Sorry for the hassle, I was getting a lot of spam. If you don't have a livejournal, you are still free to comment; as long as you are not a robot, I'll unscreen you.

If I've friended you, please don't feel obliged to friend me back. It's because I admire you and enjoy reading your journal entries.

This is a FANDOM journal.

Bio (take two): Recent college graduate, very enthusiastic, overuses double-dashes, exclamation points, and the word awesome. Used to write fanfiction. I'm an anime and manga fan and I read "literature" and watch movies. During working hours, I help edit legal briefs.

I moderate:
52author_pickup, for writing about authors in the authors' own styles (not very active).
bibliophages, with tarigwaemir: a themed book discussion community (and maybe someday something more).
chain_of_fics, an all-fandom fanfic challenge community where each entry starts with the last line of the previous entry (please contribute!).
fanthology, with team7: bimonthly themed fanfiction recs for all fandoms (currently inactive, but here is a list of past themes).
whatwasthatfic, a community that reunites people with the fics they've lost (chugging along despite extremely laissez-faire moderation on my part).
loadingdock, my writing journal. If you're here to read fanfiction and would rather not bother with the rest of it, this is where you can go.

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